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Our Products

Granite & Marble Flaming

The application of high temperature to the surface of stone to make it look like natural weathering.

Marble Flaming

Manufacture Sand-blasting Garnet

Acquire recyclable, rock hard and dust free Garnet Sand at cost effective prices, from us.


Marble chips

Marble Chips make a durable and attractive ground cover. They resist deterioration and typically do not attract termites or ants.

Marble chips

Water filtration sand

Slow sand filters can produce very high quality water with pathogens removal from 90% to >99%.

Filter Sand

Filling back supply

Ideal for backfilling, especially after plumbing and electrical works, fill sand is suitable for use as a base for concrete, paving and paths as it compacts down solid.


Coloring Sand and Aggregate

We have supplied aggregates and sand in almost every conceivable colour, in every form needed.