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Water Jet Cutting

GIC produce Almandine variety Garnet of Indian origin, with its hard and tough sub angular grains provide the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality with reduced wear and tear to the equipment.

IOGS Garnet with precise size and low dust is found to be effective in cutting stainless steel, marbles, granite, titanium alloys, glasses, garments etc. with high accuracy to any geometrical shape.

GIC has a separate processing facility exclusively to produce water jet cutting grades.

GIC Garnet gives trouble free performances without choking and clogging of the nozzles, since the product is of “Correct Grain Size Distribution, without any oversize material & Free of Dust.


Advantages of GIC Waterjet Grade Garnet

GIC has specialized in producing water jet grades. Our products are approved for their excellent quality.

  • All our grades are precise in their size and highly pure.

  • The unique three-stage screening system with fully enclosed final screening ensures

    # Efficient and accurate cutting profiles

# Free flow product with no oversize particle hence avoids damage to nozzles.

GIC supply about 30,000 MTS of Garnet per annum to the water jet cutting industries.